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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  March 17, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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and shoulder as he blazed through the east bay. he got out without a limp and he surrendered and was taken into custody after a chase that lasted over an hour. although the driver was not injured, he was taken to the hospital just in case. we can show you exactly what chp and law enforcement officers can encounter at any time. this chase started with this vehicle doing a failure to stop. why the driver took off and why he took off down the freeway, crossing four counties and 100 miles, no one yet knows. but chp is invest getting. thank you glenn. details of a shocking murder in napa valley, a bitter dispute and execution shooting. it all started in a failure at the vineyards.
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he was shot as he ran for his life and a police chase of the suspect ended at the road. our reporter joined his life there with the big look at the wine deal gone bad. andrea? >> this all went down 24 hours ago at this spot. the sheriff department is here coming through the dirt and vines looking for more evidence trying to figure out what went wrong in this case. it was just before noon when the dispatchers got a frantic call coming from the vineyard, having already been shot once the man was running for his life. deputies arrived and the scene turns deadly. >> one of the subjects had fallen to the ground and the other subject exited a black suv and appeared to walk over and point a weapon at the subject as if he were trained to execute him. >> the suspect tore off in this black suv and led the deputies
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on a chase before plowing through private gate and the swat team moved in. the drama did not start yesterday, they were locked in litigation for years. >> he was a control freak and did not like any questioning. he might've had of- -had a million dollars. >> he is an editor and publisher and he kept up with thousands of court documents filed over the investment. the man had a long history in minnesota and he moved to napa valley to establish a wine business. >> he left behind bankruptcy and felony conditions. he was looking for a clean start. nobody knew him. >> after years of fighting the court, they were set to meet and settle differences yesterday. they had no lawyers present. >> i never thought he was going to go beyond that, but he went crazy and snapped.
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>> no word on exactly what the straps deputies evidence that they are looking for. we talked into one of the neighbors, you will hear from him tonight at 6:00. the autopsy for these men is scheduled for tomorrow. also in napa, the body of a 54- year-old man found in a freezer. this was at a halfway house. police say it was discovered in the kneeling position inside of a freezer box. no word on how he died either. this marks the fifth body in the past several days found in the city. in addition to the murder suicide in the winery, other bodies were found inside of an apartment last night. >> 10 more police officers now under investigation in the racist text scandal. one of those under scrutiny may be a captain.
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the investigation focuses on officers and sergeant. they are accused of sending each other racist and homophobic chat dose- -texts. one man gave us an account of the robbery. >> when we called the police, they accuse us of drug dealing. that is the reason that they thought we were them. >> reporter: they are reviewing 1000 cases going back over 10 years for racial bias. coming up at 10:00, a reaction from the police officers association and the video that they say proves they have a diverse police department. >> get ready to cut back on your water use again, the state water board just passed new restrictions that are going to affect everyone. under the rules, restaurants will no longer serve up water. customers have to ask for it upfront and hotel guests can ask housekeeping to not wash the
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linens each day and people cannot water their lawns when it is raining or for 48 hours after. water agencies also to make sure that customers only water twice a week. >> bc sprinkles are on during the reign, it's, even public speakers. when you're not using common sense, that is responsible in a drought like this. >> relation start at the end of the month. they have 45 days to make changes to watering schedules. a bay area high school a student classes and dies. a coach disparately tried to revive the teenager. >> they left this set of flowers for tristan. it's a token of sympathy. and his area is littered with flowers and clothing from other students. >> reporter: the students are
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heartsick and shocked over the death of the classmate. they wore black to school today and assured of support and morning. >> he was the kind of guy that made people's my- -people smile. >> reporter: a spokesperson says the junior collapsed suddenly during practice. the track coach tried desperately to revive him. >> one of the coaches performed cpr on the student and continue to do so until paramedics responded to the school. >> reporter: they rushed him to the hospital where he later died. the official cause of death is unknown and the school district spokesperson said he was unaware of any medical conditions that might have contributed to his death. not only his classmates were affected, some of them were blindsided by the news, especially the mother. >> you never know when it's
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going to be the last time you will see someone. this is a horrible tragedy and a terrible loss. >> reporter: family and friends mourning the loss of this student who died suddenly and too soon. a spokesperson for the school district says they provided grief counselors for students and teachers here. in san jose keep aix five. the cause of death is not determined and it could be up to six months until the report is complete. we are now seeing the faces of men officially charged in the death of a mother who was killed trying to protect her children. she was trying to shelter her kids from a gun battle in oakland this month and she was hit and killed in the crossfire. the men face charges and are charged with her death. walking way after a- -walking away after a season,
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he saying it's not worth the risk. >> .'s parent are catching on that this is unhealthy. >> families are talking but the danger to their kids. >> you cannot run an agency like this. the secret service chief promises action, and he has a plan to prevent further security reaches. >> and we have a stunning forecast. any of you have loose guys and it is going to get even warmer.
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after one season with the 40 niners, iraqi retired. he was concerned over questions. his decision eggs the question, is the violent contact sport worth injury rex? - - injury risk? >> reporter: can a young man walk away from a career after guarantee $3 million?
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and his parents asked him a question, is it worth it for my children? we found out no simple answers. >> one, two, three! >> football is violence no matter what level. >> reporter: his mission in fremont, especially developed helmets are thought to be safer. but no matter how improved they get, one psychologist says it does not matter. >> we tell parents it's okay to play football. >> it absolutely is not. >> reporter: he's been studying the data for yearsand it's not safe. >> i have second thoughts about this. the quarterback for the cowboys said the same thing. >> hits to the head this has caused changes to brains and mris. research does not show permanent damage. the science is still very
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eight. >> they are not moving fast enough. >> it's possible to get a ball to the head. you see that happening, but i did not see the players moving that fast with collisions to warrant concern. >> reporter: other parents are concerned, and pop warner is down 10 percent over the last several years. >> parents are catching on that this is not healthy. >> you can suffer a concussion at any age, but researchers are mixed on how much damage it can cause in young minds. some parents are saying no risk is worth it. at 6:00, you will hear from a sports medicine doctor who has seen a lot of damage for young kids. he says it may be worthwhile.
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>> several former and current leaders tweeted support. another says i commend you on your decision, when i played, we did not have the research and i think the game is safer now. a free-agent says it is difficult when you're living your dream of playing in the nfl and you are 20 is old and you have to contemplate what life will be like at 50. >> and office makeover with taxpayer dollars, a decorating scandal bringing down a cost- -a congers man. is a prize
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exit polls show election racesclose. despite that, the prime minister has declared victory. he said against all odds a major eight- -victory. earlier today, a slightly do. . supporters are saying it's time for leadership. >> we need someone else, for more than a decade, we have him, and the right-wing parties. >> he says if he is elected he
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will restore relations and block the creation of palestinian state, which puts them at odds with the obama administration. >> a new secret service chief wants to build a fake white house to practice protecting the real one. lawmakers grilled him today about a drunken security breach involving senior agents. >> with all due respect, i am shocked by this testimony. >> lawmakers expressed surprise and frustration at the new secret service director, he was not invest getting this incident. >> you cannot run in agency like this or any other agency like this, unless you have discipline in the ranks. >> joseph says that there will be a kind ability. >> i don't want to act improperly too soon. >> the senior agents in an suv
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crashed into a barrier during an investigation. they were not given sobriety tests and they learned about the incident days later. >> we are first rated that we did not know about this until monday. i'm frustrated that i cannot act until we get all the facts. >> reporter: the present put him in the top job. his high-profile misstep when a fence jumper made it into the white house. he wants $8 million to build a replica of the mansion. >> we would like to have a good mockup of the white house so we can train more efficiently. >> the president still has confidence in him and lawmakers say they will be watching and waiting. >> the homeland generals office is handling the investigation and he testified that the asians are now in non- supervised positions but are still getting
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paid. and a rising star in the republican party is stepping down after a scandal. the concert- -the congressman says he will resign at the end of the month. they raised eyebrows for a $40,000 makeover modeled after the show downtown abbey. investors looked into reports that shocked people as he misused under the thousands of dollars of taxpayer money for flights and other events. >> a plane forced to make a u- turn in the sky when a passenger rushed across. >> i'm sorry! [ crying ] i'm so sorry. >> cell phone video shows passengers holding the man on
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the floor before authorities took them off of the plane. he had no weapons and government officials say he has no connections to terrorists. he was taken to hospital for a mental evaluation. >> a strong solar storm has people looking to the sky tonight. the northern lights may be seen as low as northern california. our meteorologist will join us from the weather center. >> this is rare, the last time this happened was 2008 with the colorful northern lights seen just north of redding and mount shasta. that is far south. normally it can only be seen towards alaska or the north pole or the arctic circle. here's a look last night from alaska. this is taken in canada where things are going to be smooth in the sky with color up north. and a glance glints of this in the northern part of the unit knighted states- -united states. here's a look at the light.
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the largest solar storm we have seen since 2008. a significant show in the sky. sky's will be clear down here but it's the closest it has been in seven years. take a look at your weather maps micros- -microclimates spreading today. livermore at 70, san francisco six to 2 degrees. oakland is 68, san jose is 60 degrees. and jerry says 70 degrees, agee says 75 degrees. and 72 degrees in novato, california. temperatures are way above normal for the month, seven days in. santa rosa, it 4 degrees above average, oakland and san jose in the south bay, 3 degrees above average, very warm and also very dry. we will see some fog in the valleys tonight, upper 40s, in fremont and san jose. in santa rosa we have an area
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of high pressure getting closer to us, and an area of low pressure moving away. this is it for the past format. the rain scoots off and here's a big strong ridge entering in our direction. temperatures will get warmer at 2 degrees coming up on thursday. the delta maybe close to 80 degrees. and then it's good down south on friday. low-pressure in the next front writing over the northern extension of the ridge and a near miss, close enough to see a few showers. no widespread rainfall, close but not enough for the drought. a foggy start tonight in the north valleys and east dallas tonight and tomorrow morning and sunny and mild in the afternoon and a few sprinkles in the north bay on friday. that is about it for any rain
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chance over the next week, we are staying dry. san francisco is 66 degrees, above average. san jose is normal at 67 degrees. palo alto is 71 degrees and san mateo 68 degrees. hayward is 70 degrees. and you are high as 72 degrees. antioch is 74 degrees. after 60s are across berkeley, napa sonoma, and windsor. and the non- winter machine keeps traveling along. on thursday, it's warmer. out here on friday, but likely thought rain on the weekend and staying in the 70s as well. this is just the type of pattern that we are getting. rain is close but crossing the state line. nothing is making this far south. but that is the theme of the work. >> one of the new perks of cover california, dental care for children. that parents are not smiling.
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covered california comes with a new perk, dental coverage for kids. but that does not mean that families are getting it. julie will explain. >> reporter: man loves to see her kids smiling. it's a reminder though, they need to see the dentist. >> we have a lot of challenges with teeth coming in in the wrong place. >> reporter: parents found the insurance on state run healthcare. they are supposed to have pediatric dental coverage, one of the 10 required coverage is mandated by the affordable care act that all users pay for whether they use it or not. but she says getting a dentist appointment for her kids and in her county county or some surrounding counties has been next to impossible. she has been trying since january. >> it takes up a lot of time and stresses me out. >> reporter: her insurance company contracts with premier
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access dental. >> there was not a single pediatric dentist on the website. >> reporter: she said that the will not see them. they see it is a problem, and it's one for state regulators. >> you have a right to expect that your plan will provide you a dentist to see your child. >> he says insurers are not required to offer the pediatric dentist. some dentists are not willing to see children. they finally found a dentist, but the dentist is 30 minutes and there is another problem. >> every time i call, they do not pick up. >> they've received a dozen complaints and their knowledge the provider list is small. they say they are working with the partners to include more dentists. >> tonight's report has tips for
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cashing in. >> we've all heard the phrase there is an app for that, no truer words have ever been spoken. the market is expected to be worth $25 billion this year. when facebook purchased a messaging service last year, people lamented why can't i be a developer? developers here in the area earn $112,000 per year. how can you capitalize on the boom? learn the lay of the land. there's over 1 million apps right now, but consumers are demanding more sophisticated and polished versions. starting from scratch, you will need a crash course in programming. there are many institutions and european- -curriculums for designing and developing mobile applications for apple and android.
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remember, you if you don't strike it rich develop is a great deal to acquire and it could open a l
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we want to get you breaking news out of mountain view, where there is word of an accident near the san antonio station. we do not have word on the condition of the present hit. trains are delayed as investors check out the scene. more coming up at 6:00.
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we are looking at a live picture right now. thank you very much >> pelley: a penn state >> pelley: a penn state fraternity is suspended for allegedly using facebook to post pictures of nude women photographed without their knowledge. also tonight, the congressman who spent a king's ransom decorating his office "downton abbey" style, suddenly abdicates. a rising star quits the nfl. chris borland says it's not worth the health risk. and we'll get to the bottom of the great penguin mystery. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. another college fraternity has been disciplined today for shocking behavior. kappa delta rho at penn state was suspended for a year for


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